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Feed the Minds of Youth

Each year on the first Wednesday in November, employees across Canada will introduce their grade nine sons and daughters to their places of work during The Learning Partnership’s annual Take Our Kids to Work Day.

This event provides grade nine students the opportunity to be introduced to the career of a parent or guardian and to learn a bit about what different industries and companies have to offer. To complement this event, the Insurance Institute hosts Feed The Minds of Youth events across Canada at the local institutes and chapters. This year Take our Kids to Work Day/ Feed the Minds of Youth takes place on November 1st.

There are two ways  to participate:

Feed the Minds of Youth events, hosted at institutes and chapters across the country, are funfilled, two-hour luncheon presentations. Through games and activities, we help students understand how insurance works, as well as introduce them to the wide variety of careers within the insurance industry. The local institutes and chapters will arrange for guest speakers, lunch, and gifts for all those who attend. Contact your local institute or chapter to register and to find out more.

The Feed the Minds of Youth Event-in-a-Box is a collection of tools, materials, games, and activities to help insurance organizations plan their own presentations and events for their employees’ sons or daughters. Career Connections will be happy to provide companies with this free kit, which will provide you with different ideas to introduce the property & casualty insurance industry to youth.

To order your Event-in-a-Box, please e-mail us at




Need help planning your day? Use the resources below to shape your event.

Sample Agenda
Games and Activities

 Feed the Minds of Youth

Feed the Minds of Youth 2016 - A Big Success!

On November 2nd, 2016, Career Connections was pleased to support Feed the Minds of Youth events across the country, including luncheons held at Insurance Institute and Chapter offices and the events held by organizations themselves. Together, we reached nearly 1,500 participants!  This is our highest turn out to date and we couldn’t be more pleased. The feedback we received was not only overwhelmingly positive, but made it clear that our message was well received by students and parents alike.  See some of the feedback below!


I liked“that we played a game to see what would happen if you didn’t buy insurance.”
I learned“ that there is a whole other side to insurance that can excite people.”
I was most interested in“how they made insurance seem so interesting. I used to think that insurance was boring. That thought has definitely diminished while being here.”


I liked“the games that made it interesting for the kids and related it back to insurance.”
I learned“It’s never too late to change paths”
I was most interested in“seeing the grade 9 students absorb what the insurance industry has to offer.”

Thanks to everyone who participated by attending or hosting an event. What a great impact we made in one day! Such extensive promotion of careers in insurance couldn’t have done without everyone's contribution! We look forward to an even bigger and better Feed the Minds of Youth next year!
Feed the minds of youth event photo