Insurance is already part of everything you do.

Find your career in it.


“What’s Next?!” - Think Insurance!

While Canada Career Month may be drawing to a close, your exploration of careers and taking the next steps in making a career connection can definitely still be in full swing.

If you find yourself asking “What’s Next?” in considering your career options, think insurance!

Why? Well, first off insurance is connected to virtually everything we do in life and in business. This makes insurance a far broader industry than we may initially realize. It also puts insurance at the forefront of game changing issues in our economy – e.g. blockchain, cyber security, sharing economy, climatic change, etc. This, in turn, means that the industry offers a wide array of rewarding career paths where you can apply your interests, education, and experience.

“What’s Next?!”  - Think Insurance!

In addition, there is a strong sense of challenge, community, and inclusivity that is felt by many professionals working in the industry.  In fact, 89% of insurance professionals are satisfied or very satisfied in their careers and many insurance organizations make lists like the “Best Employers in Canada”!

Want to know more about why insurance might be a great career for you?  Click Here.  And, if you’re wondering about how you might fit into this vital and stable industry, take our quiz!

Or, if you’re asking “What’s Next?” in seeing if your skills and experience apply to insurance, the short answer is they can!

Because of the breadth of risks that insurance can cover and the variety of roles available within the industry, there is a need for people with diverse skill sets and backgrounds.  For example, someone who has worked in health care might find that their skills have a high degree of transferability in claims.  Or, those with experience in automotive repair might make great underwriters or appraisers.  And, individuals with a background in customer service may find their place as a broker or agent.  The key is to recognize that your previous experience is applicable and to learn how to talk about it in the context of insurance. 

Check out the “Your Experience” section to learn more and see how your skills and previous roles can help you in transitioning to a career in insurance.

You might also be asking “What’s Next?” in getting connected to insurance employers, Career Connections has tools and hosts events that might help!

Be sure to check out the Career Connections Job Site as a starting point to explore opportunities in the p & c insurance industry.  There are links to over 150 insurance organizations across the country and a job board with a sampling of what employers are currently recruiting for.  You can also post your resume in a searchable database that is accessed by HR recruiters.  There are even tips on how to network, write a resume targeted to the insurance industry, and how to get connected to career centres in your community for additional support.

Career Connections also hosts events that are insurance-specific on campuses and in communities across the country!  These include panel discussions, speed networking, on-line chats and industry career fairs. Keep your eye on our events page for when we might be in your area!!

Here’s to your “What’s Next?!” in helping you to find your place in insurance!



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