L’assurance est présente dans tous les aspects de votre vie


Are you curious about what a career in the insurance industry has to offer?
Then you’ve come to the right place.

Even though insurance is all around you, you may not know very much about the industry itself or the people who work in it. Within the property and casualty sector, you'll find professionals involved in virtually every area of Canadian life, including business, government, entertainment and recreation.

The property and casualty insurance industry is one of the largest contributors to our financial sector and an employer of more than 120,000 Canadians. The bottom line for your career? Property and casualty insurance has a multitude of career opportunities in a variety of settings. No matter what your interests or ambitions, the industry offers a world of possibilities.

We encourage you to get familiar with the different types of insurance, the different types of employers and the various roles within the industry in order to better understand the world of possibilities this industry has to offer.

Our quiz is a great place to start your journey as it will help you zero in on the type of role that might be a good fit.

Enjoy your exploration of the world of careers in insurance!