L’assurance est présente dans tous les aspects de votre vie


Bringing the real world into the classroom...

The Insurance Institute's Career and Curriculum Connections programs are aimed at improving the understanding of the property and casualty insurance industry, illustrating its role in society and highlighting the variety of skilled professions available.

Educating tomorrow's consumers today...

We all know that insurance is a necessity and plays a vital role in personal security and recovery. It's timely to be teaching students about risk, responsibility and reality as they start driving a car, setting up in their own apartment or home and seeking independence. At Career Connections, our education resources are designed to facilitate these concepts in the study of business, law, economics, family studies, life skills, social studies, career and guidance education.

As educators, we have a role to play in helping our students face the world with real-life knowledge and skills that can help them in their lives and careers.


Putting a face to a little known industry...

At Career Connections, we would like to introduce more career seekers to the possibilities within the insurance industry. Careers in insurance tend to be one of those best kept secrets. But it’s hard to imagine a career choice where people have the chance to use more of their skills than insurance. Why? Because insurance is a part of everything you do. It affects virtually everything we do in life and in business. And because insurance is all around us, the industry has a wide variety of careers to match a person’s ambitions and amazing flexibility to change directions along the way.

By inviting an industry professional, who act as ‘Ambassadors,’ into your classroom to give a career presentation, you can help introduce your students to the possibilities. We think your students will be surprised to find that insurance isn’t what they think. It’s a whole lot more.

Learn more about our Ambassador Program  and our Free Classroom Presentations