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Forces of Nature: How extreme weather impacts our daily lives

This resource highlights the role of insurance in the aftermath of a natural disaster. By focusing on four examples of Canadian disasters: the Quebec ice storm, hurricane Juan, the Peterborough floods, and the Kelowna wildfires, students will gain an understanding of the cause and effect relationships between human activity and the environment, the impact of natural disasters have on communities and how they recover from the damages. This resource is designed to compliment grades 9-12 science and geography curriculum and comes with a DVD that can be used to enhance and inform class discussions. Learn more about this resource below!
Grades 9-12

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Forces of Nature Education Resource



How to Use this Resource

“Forces of Nature” consists of a 14-minute DVD plus this resource of thirteen lessons which are designed to align with science and geography curriculum across the country. Lessons vary in their length of time; many are designed for one 45-50 minute lesson, while some are designed as a lengthier group project to be determined by the teacher. All lessons are designed with a lesson set-up, group activity and follow-up.

It is recommended that teachers pre-view the DVD a couple of times in preparation in order to see how the content in the video works with the lesson plans in this resource and how it can be incorporated into classroom plans. We also recommend that the DVD be shown to the class as a whole to begin with. Teachers can then choose to show particular
parts of the DVD in conjunction with the lessons to enhance the real life application of the lesson.

The teacher’s notes have been created to facilitate presentation of the material and to guide class discussion and student
activities. Student activity sheets have been created for easy photocopying.


About the DVD

The “Forces of Nature” DVD tells the stories of four insurance industry professionals who were on the frontlines
assisting in the recovery process during four major national natural disasters. To garner the most benefits from
the DVD, it is advisable to view it as a whole with the class and then watch it in segments as deemed appropriate
by the individual lessons.
The four natural disaster are:
1998 Quebec Ice Storm
On January 4, 1998, Eastern Ontario and Southwestern Quebec were paralyzed by a freezing rain that left 4 million people
freezing in the dark.

Hurricane Juan
On September 29, 2003, the coast of Nova Scotia experienced a hurricane like no other in the past 50 years.
Peterborough Flood
What happens when a 1 in 290 year rainfall pours down on a city? The result is 14 billion litres of water in a five hour period finding its way into the streets of Peterborough and the basements of approximately 2,000 homes.
Kelowna Fires
Technical Services Adjuster Greg Thierman takes viewers on a tour of the once forested area of Kelowna, British Columbia, that was devastated by the wildfires of 2003 – which started August 16 and raged for a month.