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Risk Responsibility Reality is a classroom resource with accompanying videos that allows teachers of law, family studies and life skills to introduce their students to concepts and strategies that support the curriculum outcomes across Canada. The videos also provides points for lively discussions and debates about personal responsibility, liability and ethical behaviour.

Risk Responsibility Reality takes the form of three humorous vignettes (short videos) that demonstrate three situations in which students might commonly find themselves.  Download lessons and videos by clicking the links in the table, or fill in the online order form to receive a free Risk Responsibility Reality resource with DVD. More details about the resource below.
For grades 9-12 (includes 18-minute video).

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#1 - Love is Blind on Moving Day     #2 - Workplace Romance     #3 - Truth Bell After a Killer Party

Risk Reponsibility Reality Resource Cover


Major themes in Risk Responsibility Reality:

• Risk • Peer Relationships
• Civil Law – Torts and Contract • Decision Making
• Criminal Justice • Consumer Education
• Personal and Social Responsibility • Insurance (tenant, auto, homeowners)

Recommended and applicable to the following Grade 9 -12 subjects:

• Law/Legal Studies
• Life Skills
• Family Studies

How to Use this Resource:

Risk Responsibility Reality is divided into three separate sections (Law, Life Skills, Family Studies). Each includes teacher’s notes and classroom Activity Sheets. The DVD is comprised of three vignettes (Love is Blind on Moving Day, Workplace  Romance, and Truth Bell After a Killer Party). There are previewing, active, and post-viewing activities for students to ensure that the vignettes are mined for the maximum content possible within the curriculum.

Most of the questions are in the form of open-ended discussions between students, their peers and the teacher. Some activities however, have specific answers, and therefore will require students to use the material in the appendices and the  glossary of terms.

Each vignette exaggerates the possibilities and allows students to understand what could go wrong in each case. An “insurance angel” sums up the potential for harm by explaining to the students the protective role insurance plays in the  vignette and how the characters’ behaviour undermines their protection. It is recommended that the teacher view the DVD before introducing the scenarios to the class.