L’assurance est présente dans tous les aspects de votre vie



You’re IN Business is an educational resource created for Canadian teachers and students that transfers the real-world
knowledge of the insurance industry directly into the business studies classroom. It is designed to share the knowledge
of the insurance industry, notably:

• The core values of the insurance industry, such as “utmost good faith.”
• The importance of insurance products and services to the functioning of the business world as       a whole.
• The business of insurance, how the industry governs itself with integrity and the issues it faces as a business – financially, operationally, legally and ethically.

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For Grades 9 - 12

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Major themes in You’re IN Business:

• Understanding Insurance • Marketing
• Risk Management • Ethics and Social Responsibility
• Business Models • Business Management
• Entrepreneurship • Financial Management


Recommended and applicable to the following Grade 9-12 subjects:

• Business Studies
• Entrepreneurship
• Accounting
• Marketing
• Management
This resource was developed using provincial curriculum outcomes across Canada.


How to Use this Resource:

You’re IN Business contains eight lessons, each with three parts. These lessons are best used sequentially but may also
work on their own, if one aspect of the program suits a curriculum need.

Models are included where necessary, and activities allow the students to work in groups or pairs to collaborate as they
would in a real business setting.

Techniques used in business such as brainstorming, teamwork and presentation are utilized throughout You’re IN Business.
These techniques will effectively prepare students to face the challenges of the working world. By using a constructivist
methodology, You’re IN Business helps students to build a base of their own knowledge and skills to take them into the