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What do Marketing Representatives do?

A marketing representative works for an insurance company, promoting the company’s products and services through its sales force – the brokers – to insurance consumers. All insurance companies want to lead in their respective markets, so marketing is a great deal more than just promotion. Marketing Representatives also:
  • Look ahead to anticipate and identify the kind of new products required in a changing personal and commercial environment. 
  • Generate new ideas to appeal to the consumer
  • Develop products, pricing, test them in the marketplace and manage the processes of promotion, selling and distribution.
  •  Execute marketing strategies, market research, brand positioning, public relations, promotional material design and delivering products and services to meet customer needs.

Is this the career for me?

Do the following statements accurately describe you?

  • You have strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • You are independent, organized and self-motivated 
  • You possess a high level of creativity and are comfortable giving presentations
  • You have a high level of proficiency with computers and enjoy strategic planning.
  • You have (or had) a part-time job where communication, customer-service and sales were important, such as a retail sales associate, waiter or waitress.
If you answered yes to these statements, then a career as a marketing representative might be the perfect fit!

Career Profile of a Marketing Representative

What does the future hold?

Roles in this area are incredibly varied, so they are in great demand. Insurance businesses rely on business development managers and senior marketing managers to develop strategic plans to grow their business and improve service offerings. As businesses look for innovative ideas to improve business, the demand for marketing professionals will continue to grow. Employment trends in this area are directly elated to consumer/business spending and have a tendency to be guided by the Canadian economy.