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Working together to attract tomorrow's professionals

Where will Canada's property and casualty insurance companies find its employees of the future? 

The demographic research studies conducted by the Insurance Institute indicate that looking in the usual places won't be enough. Because there won't be enough talent to fill all of the jobs the Canadian economy requires, recruiters are going to have to be more creative, inclusive and aggressive in the immediate future.
This section provides information about the Career Connections program to those in the industry who are concerned about the recruitment and retention of tomorrow’s employees – namely, CEOs, HR professionals, business leaders, employers and those who recruit and those who hire.

One of the key functions of Career Connections is to drive awareness of the career possibilities the insurance industry offers and to encourage young adults and career seekers to pursue one of the many skilled professions available. Working with insurance industry human resource professionals across the country, we position insurance as a stable and vital industry that offers variety, flexibility and relative security in a career.

With the talent crunch coming, Career Connections speaks to prospective employees with a louder voice, because we represent the entire insurance sector, not just one company. If you're wondering where you're going to find your next hires, consider joining forces with the Insurance Institute and supporting Career Connections.


To find out how the Career Connections initiatives may dovetail with your recruitment strategies, contact us today!