Insurance is already part of everything you do.

Find your career in it.

Bringing the insurance industry to life for students, teachers and job seekers.

Even though insurance is all around you, you may not know very much about the people who work in the industry. This section encourages industry professionals to give back to the industry and the community by becoming industry representatives actively helping to promote careers in insurance to the next generation of potential employees.

Why is there an Ambassador Program as part of the Career Connections Initiative?

The voices of the industry are our best ambassadors. With a workforce of over 120,000 strong, it means that we have more than 120,000 stories to tell.

The recent independent demographic research studies commissioned by the Insurance Institute on behalf of the industry are sending a cautionary signal to our property and casualty sector. A talent crunch is looming. This means that we will have to compete even harder with other sectors to attract our employees of the future. And because the industry is not well-known and sometimes viewed negatively, we have bigger issues to hurdle. That is why Career Connections works hard to ‘put a face to the industry,’ promote careers in this little-known but exciting industry, educate tomorrow’s consumers today and to help career seekers find their place in insurance.

Career seekers want to know what the property and casualty insurance industry looks like, what it feels like to work in insurance, what the work environment is like, and what types of people work in insurance. And they want to see how they might fit in. Industry professionals acting as ambassadors are the best spokespeople to demonstrate real people, in real careers, on real career paths.