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Getting Started

Are you ready to get started on your path to a career in insurance?

Now that you’ve zeroed in on the type of role you might be interested in (after taking our quiz and reviewing the career profiles), you’ll need to learn about the types of licenses, certifications or designations that may be required or helpful in entering the industry. There are a number of different places from which to begin your insurance education. Where you start depends on where you see yourself fitting into the industry and the career path that fits with your interests, skills and experience.

You can also check out the variety of post-secondary insurance programs in under-graduate and post-graduate studies that are offered across Canada.

And lastly we’ve provided some resume tips and tools that will help you frame your past experience and education in a way that speaks to the needs of insurance employers.


Resume Tips and Tools

Before sending off your resume, it's important to make sure it has been tailored for a career in the property and casualty industry. Check out our tips and tools to make sure you're putting your best food forward!

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There are 14 colleges and universities in Canada that offer programs where students have the opportunity to earn credits towards their Chartered Insurance Professional Designation (CIP) while completing their studies. Here you will also links to continuing education programs.

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Licensing and Designations

Learn about the different licenses, Certifications and Designations that you may want to pursue when getting started in the industry.

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