Insurance is already part of everything you do.

Find your career in it.

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It's hard to imagine a career choice where you'll have the chance to use more of your skills than insurance. Whether you're a people person, a math wiz, a born organizer or a strategic thinker, Canada's insurance industry has a job and a career with your name on it.  These mini career profiles and videos will give you a glimpse of what you can expect in key roles in the industry.




Role Description



analytical, good with
computers,loves math
- Apply math and calculate premiums
- Assess insurance company's claims and reserves
- Analyze insurance rates for cars, homes, businesses
   and belongings
Forecast potential impact of catastrophes


assists people to restore
or replace what they've lost


- Inspect insured personal property when a claim
  has been made
- Estimate repairs or replacement costs and report to
  loss adjuster
- Help policy holders through a difficult time and ensure
  their house, car or property is repaired or replaced 
  to the state it was before the loss

Broker/ Agent

people person and agreat communicator


- Help consumers choose the right insurance coverage to
  protect their cars, homes, businesses and belongings
- Assess risks and help protect clients from potential
- Manage all aspects of the insurance transaction
- Service the portfolios of existing and new clients

Claims Investigator

helps people intime of need


- Examine statements of loss to determine authenticity,
   validity and prevention of fraud
- Coordinate required services such as approved
  mechanic to repair a vehicle
- Investigate defective products that may cause injury or
  damage, or events for which liability may exist

Loss Adjuster

part private investigator
and part therapist
- Help those suffering from a loss receive entitled
   compensation and assistance to return to where 
   they were before the loss occurred
- Investigate insurance claims due to losses such as fires
   and car accidents
- Arrange interim solutions (car rental, medical treatment
  as necessary
- Make recommendations regarding payment of benefits
   and negotiate payment and settlement

Loss Control Specialist

spots trouble before
it happens
- Inspect and identify potential risks related to fire, 
  crime, liability or accidents
- Make recommendations to reduce the frequency and
  severity of losses
- Understand large commercial and manufacturing risks
  where there are complex processes and many 
  exposures to loss 


promoter, presenter,
Promote products and services for an insurance
- Manage the relationship with it's sales force
  independent brokers and agents
- Create marketing strategies, conduct market research,
  develop brand positioning and promotional materials 
  to develop and deliver products and services to meet
   customer needs

Risk Manager

strategist and planner
- Protect the assets of organizations - as an employee
   or consultant
- Identify potential risk exposures that may cause
  accident or loss
- Recommend and implement preventative measures to
  minimize costs and damage should a loss occur
  (such as disaster recovery plans, emergency
  evacuations and purchasing insurance)


relationship developer
and decision maker
 - Assess the insurance needs of people and
   organizations (as diverse as malls, manufacturers, 
- Examine every facet of an organization's operation
   and it's request for insurance
- Accept and reject risk on behalf of insurance
  companies, decide what they should cover and how
  much to charge