Insurance is already part of everything you do.

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Types of Insurance

Property & casualty (p & c) insurance:

Property and casualty insurance is about managing risk and protecting homes, cars, businesses, property and continuity of lives during times of peril. When risk becomes a reality because of an accident, extreme weather, fire, or theft, insurance can offer financial compensation for the losses an individual or business has incurred. Purchasing insurance is like buying peace of mind. As insurance touches virtually everything in life and in business, this vital and stable industry is one of the largest contributor’s to Canada’s financial services sector. The industry reflects the faces and values of our society and has a constant need for talented, creative and motivated people.

There are also two other main types of insurance:

Social Insurance:

Includes government programs such as employment insurance and workers’ compensation and safety.

Life and Health Insurance:

Many people have some form of life insurance, which protects families by paying a lump sum benefit when an insured family member dies. Health and disability insurance(s) provide coverage and care in case you get sick or have an accident.