Insurance is already part of everything you do.

Find your career in it.

You may be surprised to find that insurance isn't what you think. It's a whole lot more.

Whatever you've learned in school and in life, you'll have the chance to use it in the insurance industry. With more than 120,000 people in Canada's property and casualty sector, this is a professional community that offers an extraordinary range of jobs and career paths.
  • Gifted at math? You could thrive as an actuary.
  • A people person? Brokers work with clients to create a strategy to protect their assets.
  • Good at listening? As a claims professional, you'll help people who are coping with an accident, fire or theft.
  • Strategic thinker? You could work as an underwriter and develop the products that keep people protected from unforeseen loss.
Watch these videos to learn more about the industry, possible careers, as well as the vareity of career paths available in the property and casualty (home, auto and business) insurance industry.
Post Secondary Students
Meet a University Graduate
Meet a College Grad
Meet an Actuary
Meet an Appraiser
Meet a Broker
Meet a Claims Investigator
Meet a Loss Adjuster
Meet a Loss Control Specialist
Meet a Marketing Representative
Meet a Risk Manager
Meet an Underwriter


Extreme Weather and Catastrophic Events

Have you ever thought about the role insurance professionals play when catastrophe strikes? Learn about the dramatic impacts extreme weather and catastrophic events can have on a community and see how a career in insurance can put you in a position to help others during a time of need.


Peterborough Floods - A Claims Manager's Story
Kelowna Wildfires - A Claims Manager's Story
Ontario and Quebec Ice Storm - A Claims Manager's Story
Hurricane Juan - A Claims Manager's Story
Institute of Catastrophic Loss – Meet the Executive Director