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Resources to help your students or clients explore and connect to careers in insurance....

Career Connections’ primary objective is to provide a gateway to Canada’s property & casualty insurance industry. Our resources are designed with this goal in mind, as well as to illustrate how insurance works and highlight its role in society.


Careers in Insurance
Introduces insurance as an industry and features nine industry professionals, whom we call Ambassadors, talking about their experiences working in this vital and stable sector.
High School, Post-Secondary and Career Changer
We also have brochures that cater to each of our core audiences - they briefly profile different roles in the insurance industry and make connections between those roles and different areas of study or work experience an individual may have

All of these resources are currently available for use and distribution in your resource centres and in advising sessions with students or clients at no cost to you. Please connect with us at to place an order or to learn more.


We have a variety of videos that introduce career seekers to the different types of roles available in the industry, videos that speak to each of our audiences and videos that answer the question "why choose a career in insurance".  View Videos



Take some time to explore the Career Connections website including our Quiz, which helps career seekers identify which roles might be good starting points for their exploration of a career in the industry. Though not a formal assessment tool, it is designed in keeping with reporting language used in the Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI so that those who have completed these instruments can see themselves and their work preferences reflected in the results.

In addition, there are full Career Profiles for each of the gateway roles which include information on Roles & Responsibilities, Salary, Education/Licensing, How to Get There, and Future Outlook. You will also find video clips profiling insurance professionals give a firsthand account of working in the industry and further insights into insurance as a sector. The profiles and videos are tailored to our three core audiences -High SchoolPost-Secondary and Career Changer,  so choose your audience to explore the appropriate profiles and videos.

There are also sections of the site related to insurance education, licensing and industry designations.

Our Job site does feature some of the opportunities currently available in the sector, as well as links to over 150+ insurance organizations, Insurance Specific Resume Tools, and Networking Tips. We also encourage you to explore the 'Your Experience’ section targeted to high school students, post-secondary students and career changers which helps career seekers to identify their transferable skills related to insurance roles.


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