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Engaging industry in conversation about its recruitment and retention needs...

Since 2010, Career Connections has hosted annual or bi-annual roundtable discussions with HR recruiters in key regions across the country including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Kitchener-Waterloo (Conestoga), and Toronto.

These discussions help us take the pulse of hiring needs in the industry, introduce our programming to new HR representatives, facilitate the sharing of best practices, provide opportunities for networking and encourage employers to participate in Career Connections’ hosted events, to meet their hiring needs. The conversations have proven to be fruitful and informative for those who participate.
Invitations to these roundtables are sent out in the weeks leading up to these events. To ensure you are on the distribution list for an upcoming event in your area, please e-mail us at

Unable to attend our Roundtable Discussions?

We still want to hear from you!
The more voices that contribute to our national conversation around recruitment and retention, the better prepared we are to provide support and make recommendations around best practices and strategies.
We welcome your participation from a distance by:
  • Sharing challenges you face in your region
  • Sharing successful strategies
  • Let us know if you use our Job Site 
  • Have you tried our Mentoring resources?
  • Do you offer co-ops,  internships, opportunities for summer students?
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