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Find your career in it.

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Why Insurance... is a great fit for Recent Grads

Now that your graduating, you’ve likely been thinking a lot about what’s next. Finding your first career out of school can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider - Do you want to work for a multi-national organization in a big city or a small business in a rural area? Do you prefer spending days in the office or out in the field? What’s more important to you in a career - variety or stability? Now what if we told you, no matter which scenario is most appealing to you, it’s possible in insurance !
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February 2018: #InsuranceCareersMonth – Bringing it all Together!

#InsuranceCareersMonth is coming to a close… Now a global initiative that started out in the United States, this month is all about exploring the rewarding and exciting career paths that the insurance industry has to offer!
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Insurance Careers Month

What’s HEATING UP this February? Insurance Careers and Education Pathways!

Once again, Career Connections will be joining in what is now a global initiative of marking February as Insurance Careers Month. This is a great vehicle to amplify our messaging and engagement with our core audiences about the rewarding careers available in the property & casualty insurance industry! Of course, conversations about career paths tie in nicely to those about education. February is also the Insurance Institute’s National Education Month with a focus on 2018 on-boarding and early career!
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“What’s Next?!” - Think Insurance!

While Canada Career Month may be drawing to a close, your exploration of careers and taking the next steps in making a career connection can definitely still be in full swing.

If you find yourself asking “What’s Next?” in considering your career options, think insurance!

Why? Well, first off insurance is connected to virtually everything we do in life and in business. This makes insurance a far broader industry than we may initially realize. It also puts insurance at the forefront of game changing issues in our economy – e.g. blockchain, cyber security, sharing economy, climatic change, etc. This, in turn, means that the industry offers a wide array of rewarding career paths where you can apply your interests, education, and experience.
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Feed the Minds of Youth 2017

November 1st, 2017 marked our annual Feed the Minds of Youth/Take Your Kids to Work day which included over 70 luncheons and events held at local Institute chapter offices and insurance organizations across Canada. The combined efforts of everyone supporting this day resulted in over 1100 grade 9 students being reached as they learned about careers in the insurance industry. We couldn’t be more thankful for the tremendous support of everyone who was involved in putting together these events and are pleased to report yet another round of extremely positive feedback from participants, parents, and partners. Please see below for some highlights!
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