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Why Choose a Career in Insurance

Looking for a career that offers stability, variety, life-long learning, above average advancement, a sense of community…And, a whole lot more?! Look no further!

The great thing about the property and casualty insurance industry is that no matter what your education, experience or interests are you’ll be able to find a role that is a good fit for you. Whether you’re analytical and good at math or a people person with strong communication skills, the insurance industry offers varied roles from Actuaries and  Underwriters to Brokers and Marketing Representatives. As Broker Sarah Runnalls shares, “Whether your background is in business or science or medicine or arts, it doesn’t matter. We can find a role for you in the Insurance industry that is linked with your experience.”
Insurance is a constantly evolving industry that touches nearly every part of the economy and sector of society. This means the possibilities that a career in insurance can offer are endless. Whether you have a passion for agriculture or sports and entertainment, whether you’re interested in new technologies or the impacts of climate change… it’s possible to find an insurance career that can connect you to these sectors or emerging issues.
The insurance industry is also a great fit for those who are looking for a dynamic career path. Insurance career trajectories are rarely linear so if your interests change, it’s possible to move laterally into different roles so you can gain exposure to other parts of the industry. Marketing Representative, Juliana Agriesti agrees - “It’s not like going to law school to become a lawyer – there’s all sorts of things you can do in the industry. If I don’t want to do my marketing role anymore, I can move into a broker or underwriting role instead of starting from scratch.”
Interested in the industry but not sure where you fit? Try our quiz to zero in on which type of role your personality and skill set may lend themselves to. Then check out our detailed Career Profiles to learn more about the roles that might be a good match for you.


Get Connected to the Industry this February

If you’re ready to learn more about careers in insurance join us on Thursday, February 23rd for our online Office Hours Chat hosted by our partners at Talent Egg. From 4-5pm Eastern Standard Time we will be answering all of your questions live. This event is just a part of what we have in store for February which is the Insurance Institute’s National Education Month, as well as Insurance Careers Month. Check out our events calendar to see when we’re hosting or attending an event near you! You can also follow along on Twitter and Facebook - keep an eye out for the #NEM2017 and #InsuranceCareersMonth hashtags!