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Celebrating Women in Insurance

As we celebrate International Women’s Day along with so many others across the world, we here at Career Connections and The Institute are proud to be part of an industry that boasts a diverse workforce today and every day.

According to our demographic research report women make up 62% of the insurance industry’s workforce. In addition 36% of all senior management roles are held by women. These numbers speak volumes about the impact women have not only in our industry – but in our communities, our economy and our society as insurance touches almost every business sector and aspect of our daily lives.

One of the great things about the Career Connections program is that we get to work alongside so many industry professionals and hear their stories. We get to learn about their career paths, their struggles, their successes and best of all the advice they have to share. In honour of International Women’s Day we’ve collected advice on how to get ahead from just a few of the many inspiring women that are helping to shape our industry.

“If you want to get a seat at the table, you've got to pull up a chair. No one's going to notice that you're standing there. No one's going to offer you their seat. If you want something you have to ask for it.”
- Tanya Diedrick, Director Risk Management CIP, CRM

“I think it’s good to feel uncomfortable. That’s when we’re learning, that’s when we’re engaged, what’s when we’re being deliberate about how we need to propel ourselves forward.”
- Heather Masterson, President & CEO BA, BEd, FCIP

“You need to be motivated, you need to be driven and you need to be passionate.”
- Jenna Leigh, Underwriter CIP, BBA

“Be open to change and be prepared to push the envelope.”
-Julie Pingree, SVP Underwriting, Commercial Lines BA, CIP

Thank you to all of the women that contribute to the strength and success of our industry and keep us moving forward.