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Why Insurance... is a great fit for Recent Grads

Now that your graduating, you’ve likely been thinking a lot about what’s next. Finding your first career out of school can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider - Do you want to work for a multi-national organization in a big city or a small business in a rural area? Do you prefer spending days in the office or out in the field? What’s more important to you in a career - variety or stability? Now what if we told you, no matter which scenario is most appealing to you, it’s possible in insurance !

Canada’s property and casualty insurance industry has such a diverse range of roles available that it’s possible to find a role that fits with who you are and what you value in a career path. . Because basically everything and anything you can think of needs to be insured, we need people with different backgrounds and with different skill sets in order to serve our clients. From farms to drones to the implications of legalizing marijuana – the industry is constantly evolving, which means as an insurance professional you’re constantly learning and evolving as well.  Roles can range from analysis and number crunching as an Actuary to investigating claims for potential fraud and recreating accidents and incidents to find out where liability lies as a Claims Investigator.  No matter your interests or what you are good at, there can be a place for you in this industry! 

While insurance careers bring variety in roles and areas to specialize in, the industry also offers stability. Broker, Chris Hirte is a University Grad that found his place in insurance after finishing school. “There’s tons of opportunities in Insurance,” says Chris. “It’s never going away. It’s one of those things you’re always going to need because, even in a recession, people still need Insurance.”  In fact, at the height of the 2008 Economic Downturn, the insurance industry added 12,000+ positions to it’s  workforce.

Another great thing about the insurance industry is that once you’ve gained some knowledge and experience it’s possible to find new challenges through moving around laterally within the industry – you’re not stuck on a linear path. This means if you decide you want to try another role – you won’t need to start from scratch. This is one of Underwriter, Cynthia Huang’s favorite things about the industry. “One of the best things about insurance is the variety of careers available and the flexibility in moving from one job to another because the knowledge and experience is transferrable.”

Still not convinced? Check out this video to hear more from Chris on why he thinks the insurance industry is a great place to be!


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