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Another Successful Campaign Season Complete

This past year Career Connections has reached over 190,000 students and career seekers across the country. From campus career fairs to panel presentations and speed networking events – we are on the go from September to June spreading the word about careers in insurance. This is no small feat for a team of 4. Wonder how we do it?

We have a dedicated and enthusiastic roster of 337 industry professionals that volunteer their time to attend events and presentations on our behalf. Our “Ambassadors”, as we call them, reach from Vancouver to St. John’s. These volunteers are not mandated by their organizations to support us – these are individuals that love their careers and have chosen to give back to the industry by helping us attract talented, creative, and motivated people to join the industry.

         Career Connections Ambassadors at Toast our Success Toronto    ambassadors at Toast our Success in British Columbia

                   Ambassadors at Toast our Success in Toronto                   Ambassadors at Toast our Success in Vancouver


Our Ambassadors helped us execute 425+ events in our 2017-2018 season. From September to June that averages out to about 2 events per day! It’s their ongoing enthusiasm and dedication that helps us spread the word about the exciting opportunities the industry has to offer. They share their educational backgrounds, their previous work experience and their stories from the field with students and career seekers in order to spark their interest in the industry. It’s these face to face interactions that really make an impact and help people to see how they might find their own career in the industry. 

We recently ran into an insurance professional at a networking event who shared with us he had encountered us as a student at a career fair. This inspired him to pursue an education in insurance and he is now a successful specialty lines underwriter.  This is already a great success story for Career Connections but what makes it even better is that he is now planning to become one of our Ambassadors! 

If you’d like to learn more about the Career Connections program,  and how you can connect with us or get involved contact 


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