L’assurance est présente dans tous les aspects de votre vie


More new grads are choosing insurance as their career.
Why not choose an industry that gives you more career options?

It's hard to imagine a career choice where you'll have the chance to use more of your skills than insurance. Whether you're a people person, a math wiz, a born organizer or a strategic thinker, Canada's insurance industry has a job and a career with your name on it.

Why insurance?

Because the sector needs talented and experienced people in virtually every discipline and every skill set. Property & casualty insurance offers career longevity, above average job security and career advancement opportunities both into management and into a variety of specialty fields. And as your career in insurance progresses, every day will present interesting new opportunities, new challenges and the flexibility to pursue new goals.
Find your career in insurance:
Actuary | You're analytical, good with computers and you love math

+  Appraiser | You assist people to restore or replace what they've lost 

+  Broker | You're a people person and a great communicator 

+  Claims Investigator | You like to help people in times of need 

Loss Adjuster | You're part private investigator and part therapist

+  Loss Control Specialist | You're good at spotting trouble before it happens

Marketing Representative | You're a promoter, presenter and partner

Risk Manager | You're a strategist and a planner

Underwriter | You're a relationship developer and decision-maker