Insurance is already part of everything you do.

Find your career in it.

Maybe you've thought about what kind of job you want. Or maybe you haven't. But one thing is for sure . . . you will have more success and happiness if you find a career that values who you are, what you like doing and the talents you have

Throughout your studies and work history to date, you have no doubt amassed knowledge, skills and approaches that will help you to connect to a rewarding career after graduation.

When thinking about the transition from school to work, it is natural to wonder where your education can take you. It can also be easy to undervalue what you have learned both in the classroom and on the job. Don’t sell yourself short!
It is also important to not assume your potential employer has a lot of context for how your studies, an internship or your previous experience may apply to the role you are interested in. You essentially need to ‘connect the dots’ and draw parallels to how your knowledge and skills can apply to the position. Keep an open mind, don’t leave anything to the imagination!


Examine your previous work or volunteer roles, your approach to your responsibilities, the tasks you undertook and the results you achieved. Also, ask yourself what you liked about working or volunteering there? What you were good at? What did you take away from the experience? These are all important elements to consider when mapping out your plan to connect to a rewarding career.


In exploring the nine examples listed below, and later in the career profiles, you may be surprised to see how much your education and experience may be leveraged in a career in insurance. 

+ Business
+ Engineering
+ Fine Arts 
+ Health Sciences
+ Humanities / Arts
+ Legal 
+ Math and Information Technology
+ Social Services
+ Science

These examples are just the beginning. Consider your own experiences and how they might apply to a career in insurance. Be sure to follow that same process for each career path that you are interested in. Just because it was not mentioned here, does not necessarily mean it doesn’t apply. If your area of study or previous experience is not reflected in this section or you have questions about how it may apply to a particular role, please send us an e-mail at