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What is an Ambassador?

To help motivate and inspire young people to think about the insurance industry as a possible career path, we have developed the Ambassador Program. Our trained Ambassadors are experienced industry professionals who volunteer their time to share their own educational and career journeys with students and career seekers. From a first hand perspective, they directly communicate how much our industry has to offer, and often offer personal stories about their satisfying and ever-changing careers.

As “spokespeople,” they help to put a “face to the insurance industry” through classroom presentations and career fairs at both the secondary and post-secondary level.

When an Ambassador is invited to speak, participants receive the benefit of learning what an insurance industry professional has to say about how insurance helps people to bring peace of mind to their lives and help them through times of loss. Ambassadors can bring a career in insurance to life. They can take their audience inside an industry that’s varied, challenging and surprisingly interesting.

The presentations include interactive activities, a video presentation and handouts and giveaways for each participant. With Ambassadors throughout the country, our goal is to demonstrate that there may be ‘a place for you in insurance no matter what your interests are.

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Role of an Ambassador:

• Introduce students to your career

• Demonstrate how you achieved your career aspirations and goals 
  through your experiences and education (road-map)

• Raise the profile of the property and casualty insurance industry and 
    demonstrate that it is a high-calibre career option; encourage 
    students to pursue a career in insurance

• Be a role model to help students strive to achieve personal and
     financial successes

• Encourage students to raise their career aspirations and develop  
     personal goals

• Motivate and inspire young people at the high school and 
    post-secondary school level to stay in school, get an education, 
    and anticipate committing to life-long learning

Responsibilities of an Ambassador

• Complete and return the Professionals' Profile or complete 
    the on-line Ambassador Sign-Up Application

• Attend and participate in webinar and training session

• Read the Ambassador Kit. Use the guidelines, sample 
    presentations, tools and activities provided in the Kit.

• Sign and return the 'Code of Conduct' document before
     participating in career events or classroom presentations

• Create a presentation of your personal career and 
    education journey

• Participate in high school, university, college and community 
    career events

• Present your journey to youth in classroom settings at the 
    high school and post-secondary levels

• Once you have confirmed your attendance at an event, you are
     responsible for attending. In the event that you cannot attend, 
    you are responsible for finding a suitable replacement