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Frequently Asked Questions about Classroom Presentations given by Industry Ambassadors

Why should I invite an Ambassador into my classroom?


Insurance is already a part of everything you and your students do. An Ambassador presentation can introduce your students to the world of insurance and can help them find their career in it. An Ambassador will explain the importance of insurance and share real-life stories about his/her job and career path. This positive and interactive presentation can motivate and inspire young people to pursue their career and education goals.
Will the Ambassador provide a lesson or activity to the students?
Ambassadors are encouraged to give an interactive presentation, including games and activities for students' participation.
We encourage teachers to have students prepare for the presentation with potential questions that they may want to ask the Ambassador.

How should I prepare my class for this visit?

Let them know that a speaker will be coming into the classroom to talk about Insurance, including risk, responsibility, what is insurance, and the career opportunities available.
Encourage the class to ask questions - such as:

- What is the best part about your job?
- Why did you choose a career in Insurance?
- Why would you recommend the insurance field?
- What is the most difficult or challenging part about your job/career?
- What helped you advance into the job that you have now?
- What do you do in your spare time?
- What was your favourite subject in school?

Remind the students that with a guest speaker, they should be on their best behaviour.

Are there any props or visuals (pictures, videos, etc) that Ambassadors will use to showcase their job and the industry?

Each presenter is encouraged to show a nine-minute DVD about different careers in insurance.
Depending on their profession, some Ambassadors will bring in props and visuals to help illustrate what their job entails.

How long are the presentations?

Presentations can be as short as 20 minutes or as long as a full class of 75 minutes.
Will an Ambassador explain about and answer questions regarding auto insurance for the students, as they are learning to drive?
Not all. Since Ambassadors have different careers within the insurance industry, they may not be able to answer detailed questions regarding auto insurance. They will, however, be able to give the basics of how car insurance premiums are determined.

What is included in a presentation?

Presentations are usually based around Insurance, in general, and with a focus on careers in the insurance industry. They will include interactive activities, a DVD, handouts and giveaways for each participant.


What is included in a Career Fair?

A booth with materials about the property and casualty insurance industry is available for Career Fairs. Ambassadors will be on hand to ask and answer questions, and will present giveaways to those who participate in the different activities.
Junior Achievement (JA) has a similar program; what makes this different?
Junior Achievement's programs are full day educational programs that deal with a variety of topics that may or may not include a discussion on careers, such as the Economics of Staying in School (ESIS). The Ambassador program focuses on career and education planning from a personal perspective. The Ambassador program would complement an ESIS educational program.


What if there is no Ambassador in my area?

If there is no Ambassador in the area, Career Connections will provide the teacher and the class with a Career Connections Class kit. This kit will include:
- A class set of materials
- A DVD featuring a number of industry professionals speaking about their careers in insurance
- A Teachers' resource for your career studies class with information on how to effectively use these materials in your classroom


What limitations are there to the program?

If there is a supply teacher for the day of the Ambassador visit, then no Ambassador presentation will take place, and the presentation will have to be re-scheduled.

The focus of the presentations is to put a "face to the industry" and introduce non-traditional roles to students. Each presentation involves an introduction to insurance, but does not typically delve into more complex aspects of insurance. Rather, the presentation will focus on the career of an insurance professional.


Though we have a number of Ambassadors throughout the country, it is possible there may not an Ambassador in your region. If this is the case, then Career Connections will supply the teacher/class with a Career Connections Class Kit.

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Like a speakers bureau, Career Connections has a roster of industry professionals, whom we call 'Ambassadors,' who are trained and prepared to speak about their careers and work experience. Ambassadors share their career and education pathways and can be an effective networking contact. We have found that 'putting a face to the industry' helps career seekers open their minds to the possibilities . . . that there could be a career in insurance with their name on it.

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