Insurance is already part of everything you do.

Find your career in it.

Career Connections: A Gateway to a Career in Insurance

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions of your life. A career in insurance is not typically a career people consider as they plan a career path for themselves. But, it should be because your interests and your experience may add up to a great career in insurance.

    Career Connections is a career awareness program aimed at encouraging young adults and career seekers to pursue one of the many skilled professions available in the insurance industry. To help promote insurance as a stable and vital industry, we also work to enhance the understanding of insurance and explain its role in society. Here's how:
    • This Web site, and the career videos and profiles included, will help you to learn more about insurance in general and the various career opportunities in the industry.
    • Through our on-campus presence at colleges and universities across Canada, Career Connections introduces students and graduates to the world of opportunities in insurance.
    • Our Ambassador Program, in which industry professionals give presentations about their career and education journeys, provides opportunities to ‘put a face to the industry' and enables secondary and post-secondary students to meet real professionals talking enthusiastically about their careers in insurance.
    • Career Connections also works to introduce careers in insurance to those currently in the workplace who may be looking for a career change.
    • And through our Curriculum Connections program, we develop resources, lesson plans and presentations to explain insurance principles, like risk and responsibility, as well as the basics of how home, auto and business insurance work.