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Corporate Ambassador Program

Do you have employees with great career stories that should be shared through the ambassador program?

Career Connections is always looking for industry professionals who are passionate about their careers in insurance. For Career Connections, it’s all about putting real people, with real jobs, in a real industry, in front of our target audiences -- high school students, college and university students and grads, career changers and internationally trained professionals.

The Benefits
Your Employees

Ambassadors will have the opportunity to share their story and to mentor future recruits. They'll get the personal satisfaction of giving back to the industry and their community.

Your Organization

You will be represented in classrooms and career fairs in your community and across the country. Young consumers and future recruits will build an understanding of your organization and be able to put a face to the brand.

P & C Insurance Industry Benefits

The Career Connections program allows the industry to respond to myths and misconceptions. It helps to develop a pool of interested recruits to choose from in the next few years. The program can also encourage students to choose business insurance programs at various colleges/universities throughout Canada.
It takes passionate people to explain real risks, real clients in real situations, and real careers in insurance, to make the industry relatable and real for people.

Do you have any such candidates in your organization? We’d like to work with you to identify potential ambassadors, train them, and have them join our team of industry ambassadors or spokespeople helping to tell the industry’s story in our communities.

If your organization has a group of employees interested in joining our ambassador program we can provide in-house training at your offices!

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