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Demographic Research

If you are interested in more information on the demographics of the insurance industry and the need to recruit and retain workers over the next 3 to 10 years, please check out our Research section for the Demographic Research Studies commissioned by the Insurance Institute. View Research

Campus Outreach

If you are interested in participating in some of the on-campus career activities, check out the News & Events section to see our calendar of events. If you would like to be on our contact list to receive information about upcoming events, please send an e-mail to

Ambassador Program

If you are interested in finding key industry professionals within your company to act as ambassadors on behalf of the industry, you may find the Ambassador section informative. We also offer corporate ambassador training if you have a small group of employees that would like to join the program. Learn More

Feed the Minds of Youth

To complement The Learning Partnership's annual Take Our Kids to Work Day event, the Insurance Institute hosts Feed The Minds of Youth events across Canada at the Institute's local institutes and chapters. We also provide event-in-a-box kits to support organizations in hosting their own event. Learn More

Career Connections Resources

Careers in Insurance Brochure

This brochure Introduces insurance as an industry and features nine industry professionals, whom we call Ambassadors, talking about their experiences working in this vital and stable sector.

High School, Post-Secondary and Career Changer Brochures

We also have brochures that cater to each of our core audiences - they briefly profile different roles in the insurance industry and make connections between those roles and different areas of study or work experience an individual may have 

All of these resources are currently available for use and distribution. Please connect with us at to place an order or to learn more.

Credential & Language Assessment for Internationally Trained Professionals

Trying to gain a better understanding of how credential recognition works or determining what language level might be required for a particular job in your organization? You may find it helpful to visit these sites for more information about how these processes work and what it all means in the Canadian workplace: 

Canadian Language Benchmarks - an introduction and more detailed information on a standardized and widely recognized system of assessing language profciency. The Canadian Language Benchmark levels can be aligned to a particular role or opportunity within your organization. - a widely used website (by both internationally trained professionals and those working with this audience) with lots of information relating to settlement in Ontario including work permits, language training, legislation, service providers, etc. Much of this information is applicable across Canada.

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Below you'll find some additional resources that help students and career seekers discover where they may fit in the industry and how to get there.

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Career Exploration by Audience
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+ Post Secondary Students
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