Insurance is already part of everything you do.

Find your career in it.

Insurance in Your World

Insurance is an ever-evolving industry that touches nearly every part of the economy and every sector of Society.
It's not only about your home and car insurance. It's about managing risks that could affect everyone of us, and every business -- from the 'mom and pop shop' to the 'global enterprise.' It's about putting communities back together again after extreme weather causes damage. And since nothing happens without insurance, it's at the forefront of game-changing issues like big data, autonomous cars, climate change, cyber security and other national and global risks.
The professionals in the industry are managing risks that vary in complexity from around the corner to around the world, known today or new tomorrow. They are potential thoughtleaders who reflect the face and diversity of Canadian society. They advance their careers and their companies in an industry with huge opportunity and healthy rewards. 
To learn more about the emerging trends that impact the insurance industry check out The Insurance Institute's trends papers and emerging issues research reports - you might be surprised to see the exciting places a career in insurance can take you!